What Is Content Marketing? Your Basic Guide to Content Marketing 2021!

What Is Content Marketing

Do you know what is content marketing? You must have heard the phrase ‘content is King’ every now and then. Ever wondered why? We give you three reasons why creating content serves a great purpose for the growth of your business.

How long have humans been sharing stories? 44,000, according to a study published in the Nature journal.

Tracing back to Indonesian cave art, sharing stories is now all over social media and the internet in the form of text posts, pictures, videos and much more.

The digital world has changed the ways and methods of changing stories. It has turned the world into a fast-paced world, lessening our attention spans and turning the stories into one-minute popularities.

Seagate, a data giant, has estimated that around 75% of the population will be interacting with data every 18 second by the year 2025.

It is easy to get distracted when you have flashing banners, clickbait and promotions popping up everywhere on the internet, hence the rise of services like AdBlock for streamlining browsing experiences.

Have you been using the same methods for marketing your brand online? It is about time that you entered the world of Content Marketing and implementing it in 2020.

What is Content Marketing? What do we mean by Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing refers to useful and relevant storytelling for capturing the interest of your targeted audience, so that they can resolve their issues.

In the digital world of today, content is one of the most useful tools that you can use to retain the attention of your target audience.

Consider this, a 30-second Super Bowl spot would cost you over $5 million that will reach circa 100 million prospects at a time.

Or, as per the recommendations of Joe Pulizzi, you can use the same budget to build an engaged community through organic reach. You can produce and publish thousands of blog posts, white papers, social media posts and more.

What does Content Marketing Look Like in the 2021s?

Content Marketing is your answer if you ask yourself ‘how to be on top of Google search?’ Most people tend to get a picture of ‘blogging’ every time they hear the phrase ‘Content Marketing’, which is not what all it is about. In fact, the game stretches way beyond that.

You can use a wide variety of other content forms as well, such as:

  • EBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Email Campaigns & Newsletters
  • Influencer Updates
  • Videos
  • Online Courses
  • Webinars

According to the latest analysis from Entrepreneur, the content marketing of 2020 will include these types of strategies as well:

  • Voice search-optimized content
  • Live streaming
  • Experiences involving Augmented Reality
  • Customer conversations through tools such as Facebook Messenger
  • Personalized content based on customer data such as demographics, online behaviour, location etc.

Currently, around 90% of all modern businesses utilise content marketing such as John Deere and Red Bull.

Why Include Content Marketing in Your Marketing Strategies?

1.    Content Marketing is Authentic and Has Depth

With longer content that provides value to your customers, you can retain their attention and engage them better. The content should have authentic information along with citations as these provide for value-addition.

2.    Content Marketing Can Be Personalized

We now have many algorithms and tools to track the demographics, which helps us in creating personalised content. For example, you can check the kind of age group that connects with your content and continue to retain their attention, instead of going in all directions with your content that does not resonate with anyone at all.

These tools are helpful in improving your SEO score as well. Wondering how to improve Google search ranking? Optimise your content for search engines while making it engaging for the user as well.

3.    Content Marketing Ensures Transparency

As everyone knows, consumers engage with the stories of a brand, rather than the brand itself. In fact, around 53% of users online expect corporate social responsibility from the companies on social media as it helps them appear more transparent about their.

With a little expert, companies can build meaningful relationships and thus retain their attention better.

3 Reasons Why Content Marketing is Worth the Effort!

1.    Helps to Connect with Your Audience & Customers

The customer base is evolving every single day. If you developed a billboard today and plan to put it up till next week, chances are that the content on your billboard must have already surpassed its ‘trending’ limit.

Currently, more than 2 billion own a smartphone in the world, leading to a rise in development of mobile apps.

2.    Helps Drive Conversions

When you develop personalised content, you are more likely to keep your audience on the site for a longer time. Additionally, when the audience is engaged on your site and social media, they are much more likely to get in contact with your customer support, hence calling for conversions.

3.    Helps in Increasing Sales in Lesser Budget

Increased conversions lead to an increase in sales too. If you manage to achieve the same or even more number of sales with content marketing, you can save up on other kinds of advertisement costs etc.

Content marketing costs around 62% less than traditional marketing. You will not have to spend tons of your budget on print media, TV broadcasts or outbound marketing when you can achieve the same number of sales in a lesser budget!

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