Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends Disclosed!

It is the year 2020 and we are no strangers to the word ‘digital’. In fact, most of us have grown used to hearing ‘digital marketing’ again and again.

True, right? In ads, on social media, in your books and on the internet in general.

But think deeper, do you actually know what is ‘digital marketing’?

I hate to break your bubble, but it is not some fancy word, which you can use to sound ‘smart’. So please, do me and all of us a favour and try understanding it first.

In fact, let me help you understand it. Step by step if you allow me.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

What is Digital Marketing? Understanding Marketing & the Digital in It

I will need you to recall some of your business management classes. Ever studied anything about marketing?

Marketing is all concerned with making your brand/service/product KNOWN from UNKNOWN. It is too much of a broad word, to be squeezed into a one-liner definition.

known unknown digital marketing

The more people you will ask, the more definitions you will get.

Some individuals consider it more towards the advertising spectrum, while some believe that marketing aims to educate the public. Of course, neither of them are wrong.

Coming to the Digital: thanks to technology, almost everything that we use now is digital in one way or the other.

Digital Marketing is not just limited to Facebook or Instagram. No way, that would be an insult, because you have limited the term to some social networking platforms.

social media icons

So What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is using digital technologies and digital tactics for achieving marketing goals. Not that hard to understand, right?

What digital technologies prop in your mind? Plenty I suppose. Of course, we live in a digital world. Open any website; you would see an ad glowing in the corner.

Simply input a search query on Google, and BAM! You have numerous search results. How on earth did those search results show up? That my friend is the power of digital marketing.

google search bar

Now that I have managed to somewhat explain Digital Marketing to you, let us move forward to the 5Ds of Digital Marketing. These 5Ds are essential to understand, because the world of Digital Marketing depends on it.

What are the 5Ds of Digital Marketing?

5Ds of digital marketing
  1. Digital Devices – such as smartphones, tablets, TVs, gaming devices etc. The audience interacts THROUGH these devices.
  2. Digital Platforms – such as Google, YouTube, Facebook etc. The audience interacts ON these platforms.
  3. Digital Media – communication channels for reaching the audiences, such as search engines and social networks.
  4. Digital Data – insight about the audience, used for devising digital marketing strategies.
  5. Digital Technology – technologies used to make interactive experiences, such as websites, mobile apps, email campaigns etc.

I hope that gives a better picture of digital marketing. See how important is it? Well that was just a teaser of the whole movie. I hope that would answer why digital marketing is the lead nowadays.

Of course, to watch the whole movie, you had better get in touch with a digital marketing specialist like me.

Now I won’t leave you high and dry. Let me explain some more about digital marketing, to get you all geared up for it!

What are the different types of digital marketing?

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Trying to get your website to ‘rank’ higher in search engine results, through organic (free) traffic. The traffic is derived through a variety of tactics including blogs, website content and even infographics.

2. Content Marketing

Promoting your brand through quality content, which creates brand awareness and brings traffic. Blog posts, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, articles, website content and even social media content are included in this.

Is there any specific method to creating content? How to create digital marketing content that takes your brand higher? Well, there isn’t any specific method. (Collaborate with me and I will tell you all about how I changed my life with digital marketing)

3. Social Media Marketing

Promoting your brand through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and others.

4. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Driving traffic to your website through payable clicks. Google Ads is one of the most common types of PPC. You have to pay for every single click that you get, for your sponsored ads.

Other channels of PPC also include Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn Sponsored Messages.

5. Affiliate Marketing

You promote someone else’s products and receive commission in return. Similar to how we perform sales in life, except this is done for somebody else’s products on our own website.

Popular examples include YouTube Partner Program and the Amazon Affiliate Program.

6. Native Advertising

Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising are some good examples. These refer to non-paid content posted alongside paid content.

7. Marketing Automation

In Marketing Automation, you use software to automate your marketing operations. This includes scheduling your social media posts, email newsletters, converting your leads into customers and much more.

It follows a complex set of operations, not easily understood in one go. (Psst, your digital marketing specialist is here if you need help!)

8. Email Marketing

As the name suggests, you market your brand through emails. This includes sending monthly, bi-monthly, annual or whatsoever newsletters, promotional emails, customer welcome emails, holiday promotions and much more.

Email marketing has been present since the ‘80s. It is one of the most effective and easiest ways, if you ever wonder on how to get into digital marketing.

9. Sponsored Content

You basically pay another brand, company or entity to promote your content. Influencer marketing is a good form of Sponsored Content, as you must have seen many YouTubers doing.

I guess that pretty much sums up the different types of digital marketing. Of course, there is whole sea of information, which a digital marketer has learned on their journey of digital marketing, like me!

10. Online PR

Just as brands try securing reach through PR, they also try securing online coverage through online PR. This is done with the help of publications, blogs and other content related websites.

Examples of Online PR include:

  • Talking to journalists and reports on social media platforms
  • Engaging the target audience through online engaging reviews

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