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Facebook/Instagram Ads Course in Pakistan

Best Facebook Ads & Instagram Marketing Training Program

Are you willing to become a Facebook and Instagram ads expert? Facebook marketing is required to enhance your skills regarding the marketing of your business, product, service, and brand which needs to be promoted. Combine with our Facebook training program to learn the entire course.


This course will acknowledge the optimization of the Facebook page, Facebook ad account setup, Instagram profile, and Instagram ad account setup that enables you to reach any type of target market.

What you'll learn
  • Step-by-Step guide of Facebook and Instagram ad manager
  • How to set up a Facebook page and Instagram profile properly.
  • How to create an ad account and ads graphics that convert well.
  • Proven strategies on how you can increase sales and leads 2X time with the fewer amounts invested.
  • Get connected with the new audience and decrease the cost of your ads on Facebook and Instagram.
Topics cover in this course
  • Mastering your sales funnel, retargeting, awareness, and conversion.
  • Teach you how to minimize your ads budget as low as 0.01$ /like/click on my ad strategies.
  • Learn the advanced feature of the Facebook business manager.
  • Get all the expertise of social media marketing in one course.
  • Massive posts with higher engagement with the audience.
  • Implement Facebook Pixel and advanced tracking strategies.
  • Lean the implementation at Facebook pixel and advance your tracking strategies.

Course Description:

In this course, you will learn about the marketing of Facebook and Instagram from the beginner level to be advance. We deliver deep into every aspect of Facebook and the Facebook ads manager. This Facebook marketing will be truly unique and will instantly help you to be a presence online.


By completing this course, you will be able to optimize your Facebook ads for increasing conversions and also helps you to decrease the cost. This will help you to create and make use of every kind of Facebook ads. It will boost your Facebook page engagements. Just register for this course and got promoted.


You should take a step in the right direction with the right decision with your life and business. Learn how Facebook marketing, ads, and other social platforms will help your company a great name.

Some points to take this course right now:

  • You can ask me any questions related to marketing and I will respond to you every single one.
  • All the details you are going to learn in this course are original, tested, and very detailed.
  • Learn about the strategies of social media marketing for my clients daily.

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    Questions You Want To Know

    How long does it take to learn Facebook ads?

    This will take a minimum of 1.5 months to learn all the knowledge regarding Facebook ads as a beginner and much time related to the expertise.

    How long does it take to learn Instagram ads?

    It will take 1 week to learn how to put the Instagram ads, but the technical support and the experience will take 1.5 months, but with our course, you will learn the useful shortcuts.

    Does Instagram ads is really work?

    Yes, Instagram has more engagement rather than the Facebook ads, and posts on Instagram are quite visible as well as give you a positive response.

    What are the cost/training fees for Facebook Instagram Masterclass certification?

    The cost and training fees for the Facebook and Instagram master class certification is Rs.15,000-/ only.