Google Analytics Master Class Certification

Google Analytics and Search Console Course in Pakistan

Best Google Analytics & Search Console Training Program

The achievement of this course is to make you learn about Google Analytics and Google webmaster to be a tool. But the most important thing we teach you is how to use the data and enhance your business.

This course will start from the fundamental topics such as how the measurement works, basic metric definition, socio-demo data to website traffic evaluation, UTM parameters, internal site search, website speed optimization, or segmentation.

What you'll learn
  • Clear the Google Analytics certification exam officially for the first time.
  • Get access to many practice questions to get the concept of right/wrong and why.
  • Certifies in a week only.
  • How to use two methods to upgrade your certification and get hired.
  • Decision-making strategies regarding data.
  • Figure out the critical Google analytics reports.
  • Fifty practical examples will lead your expertise.
  • How to act hastily while thinking in context.
  • One hundred quiz questions will help you to enhance your knowledge.
  • Get to know about the unique tools, which data is there, and where to find the business vales in it.
Topics cover in this course
  • Google Analytics Reports and Tools
  • Google Search Console Reports and Tools
  • Paid Search, Organic Search, PPC, CPC, and SEO
  • Page Tags
  • Pageviews
  • What can Web Analytics Achieve?
  • Landing Pages
  • Visitors Flow
  • Converting Traffic
  • Content Reports
  • Traffic Sources
  • Goal Funnels
  • eCommerce Reporting
  • Implementing and Configuring Google Analytics
  • Defining Goals
  • Using Tools to Export
  • Social Media Traffic
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Advanced Customization

Course Description

Things you are about to learn in this Google analytics and search console tool training course.

A free tool owed by Google designed for webmasters is Google analytics and Google search console, which helps the web owners and SEO improve and optimize your websites. If you want to get excellent knowledge about how visitors interact web, this Google Analytics course is for you.

This course will start with how you set up the account in the Google Analytics training course, index and optimize websites, and generate the reports. As well as help you to improve your website performance on cell phone and desktop.


As soon as you complete the Google Analytics Certification Course, you will get the Google Analytics Certificate.

This Google Analytics Training helps you better understand how users will interact with your website and how you will improve it.


We offer both online Google Analytics Training courses and Google Search Console Training to learn remotely.
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    Questions You Want To Know

    What are the cost/training fees for Google Analytics Master Class certification?

    The cost or training fees for Google Analytics Master Class certification start from 20 thousand rupees and end at 40 thousand rupees, but I will train you in just 5000-/ only.

    How much does it cost to get Google Analytics certified?

    It will cost you 5 thousand rupees to get the complete certified to Google analytics and Google search console.

    What jobs can you get with Google Analytics certification?

    You can get a different job from the certification of Google analytics, which are

    🗸 Digital marketing specialist

    🗸 Marketing specialist

    🗸 Data analyst

    🗸 Digital strategist

    🗸 Senior marketing manager

    🗸 Marketing associate

    Marketing analyst

    Why should I take admission on your course not others?

    As you know I have spent my 7 years in the SEO field and I am used to using Google free tools.