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best CMS platforms 2020

A Content Management System or CMS helps you by easing the website building process for you. Most of the CMS we know of today, started out as blogging platforms.

Their journey from blogging platforms to website builders express the importance of content in building a brand.

Some of the best CMS of 2020 include WordPress as well, which everybody knows of. As soon as we think of WordPress, we automatically associate it with blogging. I sure do, do you?

Of course, content makes up a crucial component of digital marketing. Therefore, you should have the right Content Management System to go along with it too!

How about I tell you regarding some of the top CMS in the market right now?

best CMS 2020
best CMS 2020

What Are The Best CMS of 2020 That You Should Be Using Right Away?

Here I am, giving you my top 6 CMS. Read about them, and choose which one strikes as the best CMS for website builder for you.

1. WordPress

That one CMS everybody knows of

wordpress cms platform
wordpress cms platform

Launched in 2003, this platform is now a MAJOR part of the internet. You get tools with this platform to create a feature-packed website or blog, which has written content and images and videos and so much more!

Why WordPress is the best CMS for many? I tell you why!

You can install pre-made and third-party themes from a variety of designs. How awesome is it, choosing from such attractive ready-made themes!

Install the software (for free) from and install it on your sever, OR, get a domain and hosting with WordPress.

While WordPress is free, you can get unlimited storage space, a custom domain and full access to the theme store by simply choosing the Business Plan, which costs around $25 a month!

2. Squarespace

Making it easier to build websites from ground zero

squarespace cms platform
squarespace cms platform

Squarespace entered the market at around the same as WordPress. What makes it different from WordPress? It isn’t open-source!

You have to sign up for a subscription to build a website from scratch. Good thing is that along with being a website builder, it is also a blogging platform AND a hosting service.

Next time that you think that WordPress is the best CMS for blogs, think again.

There are different themes to install and choose from, and it is REALLY easy to create a website on it.

There’s more! There is also an e-commerce platform store, which means you can even build and manage your own store! Of course, for that, you will have to get a business-ready package.

The Personal Plan begins at $12 but for an $18 Business Plan, you can enjoy your own domain, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL security, Google AdWords credit and Zapier – an automation tool.

3. Magnolia

The CMS with the corporate charm

magnolia cms platform
Magnolia CMS Platform

If you have a running business and you want to integrate plenty of stuff into your CMS, then Magnolia is the one for you.

This Java-based CMS is popular with companies, which want an all-in-one CMS that can work with social media, CRM, ERP, marketing automation, analytics and e-commerce.

An attractive point: the top-notch security. Its architecture is that your website’s public and private elements are kept separate for combatting attacks.

With this CMS, promoting your business will definitely be MUCH easier. You can choose from customized plans, according to your business needs.

4. Weebly

Turning website building into minutes’ work

weebly cms platform
Weebly CMS Platform

Featuring a drag-and-drop format, Weebly is also a popular CMS mainly because it is very user-friendly and has a short learning curve. Simply put, anyone can learn it in a go!

With the drag-and-drop feature, you can easily add media to your site and remove any features that you DO NOT like. Cool, huh?

There are plenty of plans. You can choose the Weebly Starter pack as your initial package then move ahead with the Pro and Business plans. The Starter pack costs around $5.

5. Wix

Creating mobile-friendly websites online

wix cms platform
wix cms platform

I bet this reminds you of all those YouTube ads. is also a cloud-based web platform, which lets you create mobile-friendly and HTML5 websites.

What’s more? It features a drag-and-drop system and you can even install plugins. The platform works fine for email marketing, e-commerce, contact forms and even community forms.

The starting price is $4.50 per month. However, if you go for a business plan, you can choose to remove adverts, get increased bandwidth and use your own domain name.

6. Bynder

A nice CMS for establishing a brand

bynder cms platform
bynder cms platform

Looking for a nice collaboration CMS that you can also use as a marketing platform? Bynder is one such CMS.

You can create, find, use and work on content with Bynder and even create shareable style guides as well.

Bynder is absolutely great if you want to promote your brand, but it is quite expensive. If you have a full-fledged running business, then you can afford to pay $450 per month.

The money will be worth it though, because you can save up on your overall marketing budget AND establish your brand. Not a bad deal, huh?

All Geared Up To Build Your Website? Need A Helping Hand?

So you read some of my tops picks for the best CMS of 2020. You must be thinking about building your own website now, I bet!

If you are planning on the venture, remember that I am here to help you out with CMS and website building. No issues about the money just contact me to get free consultancy and I will tell you which CMS you should go with.

I’ll be waiting for your call!