The Step-by-Step Guide to SEO for e-Commerce Websites

OH MY GOD! Why this thing isn’t selling? What should I do? Contact illuminator? Bribe Google? Or maybe be a real person and ask for help?

But who can help? Satan? Oh, wait! I kinda heard something about SEO. Sounded great!

If that’s how your first reaction was to SEO, then, count me in!

Because this is how I got to know about SEO for ecommerce. And trust me when I say this if you know the tricks of SEO, NOTHING can stop your ecommerce website from running fast to foo-fast.

But, do you even know what role SEO plays in ecommerce? Let’s get that straight first.

What Is SEO In Ecommerce?

The abbreviation says it out loud, ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

You might have an idea about SEO and even if not, no worries! MeetRafay got you covered. Anything regarding SEO? That’s the place.

Well, in ecommerce business the prime objective is to get your business into a fast-selling mode. The key to this online business is your marketing strategy (SEO). Considering our ecommerce website, SEO ecommerce is to get our web page on visibility for search engines.

Now, Why SEO Is Important For Ecommerce?

Let’s understand this the easy way.

If she wants a leather belt online, she would probably go for the first page of google showing the results of places where the leather belt is available. And that’s where I want to be. So, she picks me out of all competitors! And guess who can do that for me? You know the answer! Best SEOs.

The more high rank on search engines, (because this is the tech-era and ecommerce businesses are taking over all tradition business practices) the more clicks and traffic on my site. Do you know what it means? More people, more selling, more profit. (Good, Better & Best)

Finally, we know what SEO is and why in the world is it so important for ecommerce website. You might be wondering about the secret ingredient to this SEO recipe!

Check Out The Top Ecommerce SEO Strategy!

How about I spill some beans?

Ecommerce SEO Strategy

Do you think I can beat all these websites for leather belt crises without getting my SEO strategies together? I Don’t Think So!

Major strategies useful for my ecommerce website regarding SEO?

  • Structured Data (This will enhance search results and bring improvement to CTR)
  • Engaging Service/Product Descriptions
  • Decrease Page Load Time
  • Work on Site Speed
  • Mobile Optimization (Mandatory for this era)
  • Long-Tail Keyword Variations (Targeted keywords)
  • Navigation as a Priority
  • Enhance Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Manage Internal Linking
  • Video Induction (most appreciated nowadays)

You might want an SEO ecommerce company to handle all this hassle if you can’t make time. This will take time to digest and come out.

Get Your Ecommerce SEO Checklist in Order

Just like a grocery checklist, you need to work on your ecommerce SEO checklist as well.

Consider getting a premium web hosting service. I know this may sound scary at first but this is totally worth it.

  • Work on your web hosting
  • Start with branding strategies
  • You need to prioritize SEO
  • Get couple of blogs to your ecommerce website
  • You need an email subscriber list
  • Add more payment methods
  • Decrease adds on your page
  • Use visuals
  • Show transparency and clarity with services/product
  • Be extra clear on prices
  • Build trust and try not to be pushy
  • Meta Description matters a lot
  • Work on your cookies policy
  • Add product thumbnails

Do all this and you are on your way to a perfect search engine validity. If you are seeking extra help for your ecommerce strategies and checklist re-do, get ecommerce SEO expert on the go.

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